About Darshans

Darshan Etiquette

Darshan - Painting by Mother Meera
Darshan – Painting by Mother Meera
  • Mother Meera recommends that you will sit before and after your personal Darshan in silence – go deep within, meditate, remember a Divine name (doing Japa). Do not leave the hall immediately, but stay for the whole period of Darshan if possible. The Darshan may take about 1 1/2  to 2 hours.
  • Please do not attend Darshan if you have a serious cold!
  • All children are welcome for Darshan.
  •  You can also register children from Baby age to about 12 years old for the Children’s meditation, (more about Childrens meditation here >>)
  • Unfortunately we can not provide the personal Darshan for wheelchair users on the stage, as we cannot transport wheelchairs on the stage. Yet, wheelchair users can receive the collective Darshan in the hall

Please, also get acquainted with the actual Darshan Procedure > >