Mother’s role and mission in the world

Mother Meera is an embodiment, an Avatar of the Divine Feminine, the Divine Mother on Earth, a force of Love in action come to earth to prepare humanity’s consciousness for a great leap.

The Purpose of the Avatar

In many traditions of Eastern spirituality it is believed that in their innermost nature all beings are essentially at one, are one with the Supreme Divine creator– yet somehow most human beings remain unaware of this astounding knowledge. It is to lift this primary ‘veil of ignorance’ that Avatars come to earth as individuals with a clear awareness of the true reality and all its implications, and live amongst us with the ‘job’ of showing people the reality of their true nature and how to recognize it. Mother Meera is one such Avatar, enlightened from birth about her divine identity and the particular nature of her work. Mother does not claim to be the only Avatar currently working on earth for many are here now to fulfil the Divine work, some known, and some unknown.

Mother’s Task

As Mother has said, each Avatar or embodiment of the Divine comes to earth with a certain special Light , a new aspect of consciousness that he or she conveys into the earth’s atmosphere, helping humanity to develop and evolve. Mother’s presence, here now on Earth, brings with it a new quality of awareness, a spiritual force and Light that makes the transformation of the world more certain. Her transforming power is progressively allowing the Earth and its inhabitants to become more and more transparent to the Light of the Divine, bringing order and beauty in the progressive at-one-ment of God and humanity. Mother’s power is directed to helping and speeding-up the spiritual evolution of the whole of humanity on earth.

The Avatar comes from God and has the power and Light of God.  The Avatar has a human body while God has no form and yet all forms. - Mother Meera   more quotes →