The new Light

Bringing down the Light

Mother Meera brings a new Light into the world. This is what she was born to do and the transmission of this Light to human beings is what she calls her ‘work’, her job. Mother makes no claim to be the only bringer of this Light, for other Divine entities are always helping. Nor does she claim to be the only Avatar present on earth – indeed, there are several Avatars here at this moment, some in the public gaze and others who choose to work unrecognized.

Mother MeeraAs Mother has said, every Avatar , every divine entity, impelled by Love and Compassion to take on a human body, brings with them a new Light – and these Lights always change the course of human history. Matter itself is not self-evolving, for at the heart of matter there is the Divine and no growth can take place without the Spirit as primal mover.

When Mother was still very young, she privately told her mentor, Mr. Reddy, about a series of experiences in which she consciously rose to the highest levels of her inner being from where she intentionally brought down upon the Earth the consciousness of a new Light. She calls this Light the Paramatman Light. From the time she was born into the world she fully understood that this was the divine purpose of her incarnation as Avatar.

Paramatman means literally ‘Highest Self ‘or ‘the Self of the whole Universe’. Mother makes it clear that this Light is not really new, for it has always been there. Mother, as Avatar, is a primal force of evolution and by ‘bringing down the Light’ she means a particular activation of the inner Light that lies hidden in the depths of every human soul. Mother’s own divine Light acts as a catalyst that turns on our own inner Light, as if with a Divine switch, liberating it to shine into and illuminate all the levels of our being from the highest to the lowest. Mother’s  presence, here on earth now, makes the flowering of this latent inner Light – that lives like a tender bud within us all – more possible and more likely than ever before in our planet’s history.

The Light contains all the Divine qualities: _Love, Grace, Power, Bliss, Knowledg_e. . . Mother is simply telling us to allow ourselves to become open to it and receive its blessing. She Herself will help us perfect our power of reception and self-illumination. It is her promise, her Will, that she will help us become more and more transparent to Beauty, Power, Wisdom – all those Divine qualities that all of Nature yearns for. The more we open ourselves, the more we learn to allow the Light to shine through us, the more harmonious will be our individual lives and the whole of human life on Earth.

The Light has never been USED before. Like electricity, it is everywhere, but one must know how to activate it. ~ Mother Meera about the Paramatman Light   more quotes →