Darshan request for first time visitors

The following form is only relevant for Schaumburg  Darshans and for First-time attendees.

As Darshans are usually booked up for some time, we want to make it possible for first time attendees, to visit Darshan sooner.

Please use the form below ONLY if you are a first time visitor, and  if no Darshan dates are available sooner. For advice how to make a booking, see here >  BEFORE filling out the form below, it is necessary to register as a user. Click here >

You can use this form only, if you have never visited before.
This is necessary in order to process your request more easily.
State on which days you would like to come. Please note that not all dates will be available. If you give a range of dates, it will be more likely you can get one.
Use this form: First name, last name. Use a new line for each name. Only new persons will be attmitted.

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