Cancelled: Antwerp 12/13 Aug (res /map)

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News: Due to the current situation around the Corona Virus, all city Darshans have been canceled up to and including October.

Please don’t come to darshan if you have a cold.

Note: The reservation links above (res) will lead you directly to the date, for a general link click here. New persons need to first register hereHelp.  Please arrive about half an hour before Darshan starts. The Darshan will take about one and a half hours.  Download this PDF which explains the  Darshan-Procedure .

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Darshan at Schloss Schaumburg 

For additional information, check our Belgium webseite:

Location: Hotel Ter Elst, Kattenbroek 1, 2650 Edegem (Antwerp), Belgium map→

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