Meditation Guidelines

Dear Friends, this is an informal general direction for those who like to conduct a Mother Meera

  1.  Silent meditation: At the core of the meditation group is a period of silent meditation, presumably ranging from 1/2 hour to one hour.
  2.  No Mantra is given for meditation, like at Darshan, everybody is free to meditate in hisown way, as long as it is in silence and doesn’t involve movements. There should be no injunction to use a particular mantra, or meditate in a certain way.
  3.  Main Focus: The main focus of the meeting is Mother, in the sense that She inspired and blessed the meditation.
  4. No multiple labels: ‘Mother Meera’ should not be just another label for a group, that might otherwise be called different in different advertisements, in other words, a Mother Meera group should not be simultaneously announced as a Ramana Maharshi group etc. While it is possible to read quotes of different masters, or see videos of them, the general focus of the group is Mother Meera.
  5.  No Guru: The person who conducts the group should not act like a guru or teacher, he or she just leads through the program. If somebody needs advice regarding meditation, we can speak about our own experiences, give quotes from the books of Mother Meera, or / and other books that maybe helpful.
  6. No channeling. Mother has clearly said that She does not channel messages, so in the group we do not give channeled messages of Mother.
  7. Bhajans and singing: it is possible to sing various Bhajans or religious songs, whatever we know, addressed to different deities, from different religious contexts, as we know it and feel inclined to. Bhajans CAN be adopted to include Mothers name, but this is not necessary.
  8. Reading: It is good to read from Mothers books, if we feel so. Quotes from other masters can also be read. It is also possible to see videos.
  9. Other exercises, techniques: It is possible to include exercises that maybe helpful, like Yoga, Tai Chi, Tibetan yoga, etc. There can also be special prayers, as they are regarded to be useful by the group. Everything is okay as long as it doesn’t interfere with the general direction of the group towards Mother. It is good to do everything in a universal spirit.
  10. Guided meditations should not be the main focus of the meeting, but it can be used as an introduction to the meditation meeting, if there is a consensus for it.
  11. Sharing: People can discuss their experiences if they feel inclined so.
  12. Photo of Mother: a photo of Mother should be present at the meeting.


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