Meditation with Mother

Sometimes, at special occasions Mother conducts Meditation with Mother. During this meditation, everybody will remain seated, and receive the blessing on his place. Mother has already blessed groups in this way, for example in the early years in Canada or Germany.   Many people have remarked on the powerful silence during these sessions, and felt that the effect is equivalent to Darshan.

In India, at this point in time, Mother will only conduct Meditations with Mother, as described above.

Attendance: Because of the special nature of this meditation, children are NOT allowed to attend, as everybody will have to stay for the full time (about 30- 45 minutes). Childcare will be available at this time. Nobody should need to leave earlier. Reservations have to be done, as for Darshan, but there is no monthly limit. To make a reservation, go here

From the book ‘108 Mother Meera on Tour’:

Q: When you started giving darshan in the eighties, you gave collective
darshan in the beginning. Some time ago you started having those
meditations regularly again. They are very powerful and people like them
a lot. What is it that you do? Is it the same as the silent blessing at
the end of your individual darshan sessions?

MM: No, it is something completely different.

Q: Can you explain a little more?

MM: I will tell when the time is right. Now I don’t have the right
words. I might do a painting about it. It is perhaps clearer.

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