Restarting Darshans, Notifications

How can I be notified when Darshans start again?

If you are new:

Register at our booking system – if you haven’t done this yet. We will automatically notify all persons about new Darshans, who registered after March 10, 2020, when the pandemic started. Fill out the form, and submit it.
Important: you will receive a confirmation email, which contains an activation link. You must click the link in the email, so that we know it’s a legit email. Please also check your spam folder.

If you have visited Darshan before:

  1. If you have visited Darshan after 01.01.2017, anywhere, and were registered, you will be informed automatically.
  2. If you haven’t visited after 01.01.2017, and also not at Schaumburg, but are a registered user in our system, login here click on My-Subscriptions (after login), select ‘Schaumburg’ and save, and we will notify you about Darshans at Schaumburg, when they start. The same is true for any other location.
  3. If you visted Darshan before our present booking system was in place, or without being a registered user yourself (for example by accompanying another person), register first as a new user as described above.

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