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Voorschoten 11 Aug (res /map)

location date (res = Reservation / map)

One  Darshan per day is possible.

News: Due to the current situation around the Corona Virus, all city darshans have been canceled up to and including October. Instead, Mother Meera will hold meditations on Livestream to which you are cordially invited, wherever you are. These will take place every day at 7:00 p.m. starting Saturday, March 14th. More information here.

Please don’t come to darshan if you have a cold.

Note: The reservation links above (res) will lead you directly to the date, for a general link click here. New persons need to first register hereHelp.  Please arrive about half an hour before Darshan starts. The Darshan will take about one and a half hours.  Download this PDF which explains the  Darshan-Procedure .

To see more details, addresses, times, click at ‘more’

Darshan in:   Belgium→  —  Germany→

Darshan at Schloss Schaumburg 

Location Rijswijk : De Broodfabriek, Volmerlaan 12, 2288 GD  Rijswijk, map >   directions

Location Voorschoten: Cultureel Centrum Voorschoten, Prinses Marijkelaan 4, 2252 HH Voorschoten,  map

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