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Ответ Матери на просьбы о помощи

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Since Mother cannot answer every single email, she would like to give an answer to some typical questions.


Mother: If you have pain or are sick, you should definitely go to a doctor. Don’t wait. The Divine works through the doctors, too.

Relationship to a partner

Mother: When people are living long together, sometimes people don’t show each other love and affection. They often focus on the little mistakes and forget about the love and depth which has been growing all the time. If you think separation is the only solution, then try to live separate for a couple of weeks or months first.

Relationship to parents

Mother: Forgive and forget what was happening in the past.
If your parents need help now, it is better to give them the support which they need, just like they supported you when you were little. Maybe it is possible to live near your parents.

Job, work

Mother: Be grateful to have a job and earn money. There are problems with every job, even with a new job there will be problems. It is better to accept the situation and adapt first. If that doesn’t work, you can switch jobs.

Changing apartment because of «bad energy»

Mother: There is no bad energy. If you have problems with the neighbors, you can consider moving house.

Gurus, living in a spiritual community / Ashram

Mother: If you have lost faith in a divine person, it is often only for that moment or situation in which doubts arise. This relationship can heal later, it may take a few months or years. That does not mean this guru or organization is wrong.

Mother Meera on the current situation:
Don’t be afraid, keep calm and pray!
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