City Darshans

Since a short time Mother Meera has allowed us to make  videos during Darshan. Below you find a video play list with compilations of footage from Mother’s Darshan tours.

Mother Meera Darshan
Faces of Mother Meera
Darshan tour from June 2018 to May 2019 in 24 locations.
From minute 4:30 this video is a pure medit
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During her visits in cities Mother has started to answer questions to the volunteer team. For the first time in public Mother’s voice can be heard and the way she answers questions with simplicity and directness. In many videos subtitles are available in different languages.

Mother Meera talks
"Love others - and you will love yourself" - Mother Meera
Mother Meera Q &A in Rome
More information:
Livestream: https://livestre
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