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Mother MeeraMother Meera gives Darshan, her silent blessing in light and love by sight and touch to thousand of people throughout the world.Mother’s home is located in Germany at Schloß Schaumburg, Balduinstein. Mother also travels throughout the world to give Darshan, she has been regularly in North America, USA and Canada, in the UK, France and also in major cities in Germany.

Mother has founded a school in South India, which is rapidly expanding. She spends much of her time over-seeing the activities of her Ashram in Madanapalle, A.P, India, giving Darshan there regularly. Around Mother’s Darshan, Meditation-groups have formed in Mother’s name in major metropolis, where free silent meditations are conducted.

Mother Meera’s name is different in different languages, as the word Mother is different. She is Amma Meera or Meeramma in her native south Indian Telugu, Mata Meera in North India, Mutter Meera in German,  Mere Meera in French, Matka Meera in Czech and Polish, Madre Meera in Spanish.