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Premises of Mother Meera School in Madanapalle, AP, South India

The Mother Meera School is now well established and continues to grow and flourish. The Mother Meera Ashram Vidylaya, a group of schools,  was inaugurated as English-Medium schools on June 7th 2010, in the presence of Mother Meera and many prominent leaders of the community. There is a thriving non-residential school, a small children’s home and a few rooms for volunteers who help in construction work and in the school.

Each year the school grows larger. When the school first opened, there were about 90 students. In 2014, the school has over 800 students on its main site in Madanapalle. There are classes from Baby class (3 year olds) to Standard 10 (15/16 year olds). There are also two Play Homes in the town, for children between the ages of 3 and 5. Consequently, we are particularly interested in volunteers who enjoy working with young children, but there are also opportunities for people who could help in our Primary section or with older children in the secondary school.

To see more pictures of school life, click here and here and here.

All sections of the school have well qualified local teachers who teach their subjects through the medium of English. The diversity of local religions, Hindu, Muslim and Christian, is reflect in the school population, both teachers and students. Mother Meera visits the school regularly and plays an active part in shaping developments in the school and in overseeing the numerous new construction works. There is always strong support from international volunteers who give up their time to help with the very varied work needed to support Mother Meera School and Vidyalaya. If you would like to offer your service to this work, please contact us by  Email

There is also a need for volunteers who can help with general maintenance work at the school, such as gardening, plumbing, building, cleaning, painting and decorating.

Volunteering at the School

Mother Meera  School has a continuing need for volunteers who have a natural affinity for and ability with children. Volunteers, who speak English, are welcome, even if you are not a teacher. You could be supervising or teaching children, particularly Spoken English, Computer Education, Physical Education, Art, Music or Dance). You might support the work in the school office or help with general and domestic tasks.

There is also a need for volunteers who can help with general maintenance work, such as cooking, cleaning, gardening, plumbing, building, painting and decorating.

Volunteers come at their own expense. Subsistence costs are low, but there are only a few rooms available at the school grounds, so accommodation cannot be promised in advance. Many volunteers who visit for only a few weeks stay in local hotels, which, although noisy, are relatively inexpensive.

You will work at:

  1. Kindergarten level, with children aged from 3 to about 4/5 (Baby Class and Lower Kindergarten), as helpers to take care of small children.
  2. Primary level, with children aged from 5 years old to 11 years old (Standards 1 to 6) as an English speaking accompanying adult.
  3. Secondary level, with older students, aged between 12 and 16 years. Experience of teaching would be helpful but is not essential. What is most important is your willingness and ability to dedicate yourself and your time.
  4. General support, in the office, or with general maintenance and domestic duties.
  5. Construction Work, helping with the varied building projects in the school and other local sites.

The  schools would like commitments for a minimum of a one-month period of time, longer if possible.


A Unique and Exciting Opportunity for Volunteers

If you are looking for deeper meaning and purpose in your life and want to offer your time and services, this could be the opportunity you have been seeking.

If you have questions and / or want to apply, you can contact us by email.


Non-volunteer Indian teachers 

The school is also interested in well qualified, Indian teachers who can teach their respective subjects in English. Indian teachers will receive full payment.



  • Form for all volunteers  >  (Personal Information Form, for applying to become a volunteer.)
  • C- Form >  (form requested by the Gov. of India for all visitors – to be filled out only before the journey, when you know your visa details)