About MM

Mother Meera is widely regarded as an embodiment of  the Divine Mother on earth. She gives Darshan, a silent bestowal of love light and grace, by touch and gaze.  Mother was born in 1960, in the state of Andhra Pradesh, southern India. Today, she lives in a small village in Germany, at Schloss Schaumburg, Balduinstein.

The Mother Meera Foundation (Mutter Meera Stiftung) is a non-profit foundation to support Mother’s activities of giving free Darshan throughout the world, and running a school in her native South India in Madanapalle, Andhra Pradesh.

Mother’s postal address:

Mother Meera
Oberdorf 4a
65599 Dornburg-Thalheim
phone:  +49 6436 91050, -91051, +49 151 65456459,

Mother Meera Foundation
Schloss Schaumburg
65558 Balduinstein
phone: +49 6436 91050, -91051, +49 151 65456459,

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