Experiences of Parents

Mother is a practical example to us all that one can live in this world and at the same time be one with God.”Adilakshmi

Mother is a person of pure light and love. She is the Mother of all. She loves all creatures unconditionally and sees all beings as Her own children. Through Mother’s love we can experience our own inner beauty and the beauty of others. Through Her love we can also experience peace within our hearts, which helps us to bring peace to our families and friends.

Our children grew up spending time each year with Mother. I can tell you from experience, there is no greater gift you can give your children than time with Mother. It’s a powerful life long blessing.”  –  MB

I have been having Darshan with Mother for several years.  I feel that Her attention has had a huge effect on me.  The growth I experienced from Her attention was so deep and profound, the thought of my children getting that same Divine attention is something too great to miss! A while back my youngest son was very lucky and got to meet Mother, when I asked him how he felt when he saw Mother, at first he didn’t know what to say, when I told him I felt very lucky that we got to see Her, he said “me too, I definitely felt very lucky to see her!”   I asked both my children if they would like to go to Mother‘s Children’s  Program in Germany, my oldest son said ” I would really like to go, that sounds very exciting! I definitely want to go!” Thank you Mother for offering this wonderful opportunity for all children!”  –  CC