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Mother Meera Groups

IMG_0826.1Here are lists with contact details for Mother Meera Meditation Groups around the world. All groups offer silent meditations as a core practice. All groups act in a self-sufficient way. Contact the group near you to find out more about its activities. All email addresses on this page have a special spam protection.

Mother Meera Meditation groups:

If you would like to create such a group yourself, please see first our guide for meditation groups. Once you agree with our basic directions, you can fill in this application form >> . We will contact you as soon as we have approved your application.


Meditations at Schloss Schaumburg

Mother Meera House SchaumburgWhenever Mother is in Germany, She will give Darshan at Schloss Schaumburg. Only if Mother is not in Europe, Darshan is cancelled, but there will be a silent meditation at Schaumburg as a substitute, starting 7 pm for 1 hour every Friday through to Sunday. Everyone is invited to attend. Please view our Calendar >> to see when Mother is abroad.

Address: Mother Meera Meditation
Schloss Schaumburg
65558 Balduinstein

Silent Meditations

There has been a increasing awareness of the mental, physical and emotional benefits derived from the practice of meditation in recent years. There are many different forms of meditation, all with the aim to quieten the mind, to lead to a state of being centered and calm, and to ultimately lead to a state of being more connected with the inner soul, with the Divine within us.

Mother Meera is not teaching any particular meditation technique, but she does recommend doing Japa, the practice of repeating a mantra, a holy phrase or sentence, or a simple word denoting our highest ideal, or God.

Mother Meera has now inspired the formation of silent meditation groups in Her name. These groups will provide a “sacred space” in which people, can meditate more deeply together, and be inspired and guided by Mother’s light and energy.

Everybody is welcome to participate in these groups.

All the meditation groups are independent and are guided by an overall universal spirit rather than by any hard and fast rules.

A silent meditation of about half an hour or longer will be the main focus for the group. Meditation can be followed or begun with Bhajans, spiritual songs, reading of spiritual texts, prayers etc. The whole meeting should reflect the wishes of the group.

Meditation will be in silence, without any guidance as to mantra etc., and any type of silent meditation may be practiced.

If people need support with regard to meditation, then more experienced members of the group can help. There are suggestions in Mother’s books regarding Japa and meditation

Find contact details of the groups on this page > >. As the groups work independent, it is best to contact the group if you are interested, and enquire about their programme. If you want to hold meditations yourself, see details here >.