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About Darshan

Mother Meera was born into the world to bring down the supreme Light, to transform life on earth.  She has come to purify our human consciousness so that it becomes ready to evolve – the transformation of humanity to the Divine level where time becomes eternity. This transformative work is without end. It is the work of the Divine Mother who is now embodied by Mother Meera.

Darshan is Mother Meera’s Blessing – Her benediction to humanity.  It is a transmission of Light, Love and Divine Grace, which Mother gives in total silence.  In Darshan, Mother bestows light upon the soul and answers individual prayers.  Literally, in Sanskrit, Darshan means ‘Seeing’ or ‘Vision’ and refers to seeing the Divine, or being in the Presence of the Divine, or a Divine being.  Darshan is given entirely free of any charge or payment of any kind.

At the Darshan event, people come to see Mother Meera. Everyone sits in silence while each row of seats is called up one by one. When one is in front of Mother the head is bowed and Mother places her hands upon it. This is called ‘Pranam’, bowing down.  Then, Mother looks into the eyes of the person and fills them with Light. This is called Darshan, visual eye contact. All this happens in silence, without a word being spoken.

After the individual Darshan is complete, the person returns to their seat and continues to meditate, pray, and go deep inside to absorb the effect of the Darshan.  Although Darshan usually takes place in a group, it remains a deeply individual and personal process. Everybody’s Darshan experience will be different, and Mother gives to everyone what that person individually needs. Even a single Darshan can transform the whole of a lifetime.

Darshan is a universal process that is not limited to space and time.  For many years Mother has given Her physical Darshan exclusively in Germany at Her home at Schloss Schaumburg, Balduinstein, but now, and since 2006, Mother also travels to give Darshan around the world; recently, in Canada, USA, UK, France and India.  She has also travelled to major cities in Germany, and thousands of people receive her Darshan everywhere She goes.

To registrer for Darshan, please click here.

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Inner Contact

Painting by Mother Meera
Painting by Mother Meera showing the union with the Divine.

Mother Meera’s Darshan, her blessing of Light, is not limited by space and time. People from all over the world have been visiting her in Germany, where she has lived since the 1980s, to receive her touch, to see and be seen by her and thus receive her Light. Mother now regularly travels abroad to give her Darshan in countries where many devotees live, reaching more and more souls that thirst for the Divine Mother’s presence. Nevertheless, neither time nor space are any barrier to communication as long as we feel the inner connection or simply a deep and yearning aspiration.

When asked the best way to cultivate an inner connection with her, she invariably answers that Japa, the repetition of a Divine name, is the simplest and most straightforward method to reveal this closeness. There are a multitude of different spiritual paths offering a wealth of practices and disciplines, but no matter how complex or sophisticated the path all true devotees have praised the heartfelt practice of repeating the name of God, in silence or out loud.

Ultimately the whole universe of Spirit and matter is made up of frequencies, of subtle vibrations, and as Mother clearly explains, by repeating a name we are evoking a particular quality, a unique energy field intrinsic to that name. By constant repetition we become like a clear bell that when struck rings out with the Divine note our heart has cultivated and become attuned to.

The Divine Mother is like a great symphony that includes all possible notes. By practising Japa on any of the Divine names we can come to live in her, taking refuge in the blessings of her inner presence. Mother is completely open and will help anyone on any path. When asked, she counsels repetition of God’s name in the silence of the heart, with devotion, offering everything to the Divine, good, bad or indifferent, with openness, sincerity and surrender.

When a devotee cultivates these qualities they may have extraordinary experiences that reflect their inner state and which transcend the range of ordinary perception. Mother Meera cautions us not to become enamored or dependent on such sensational events but to remain humble in the midst of any experience and just remain focused on her inner presence. Offering any such experience to her, just as we would with any other experience, high or low, ensures our safety and progress.

It is not necessary to come stay with me; I can help anywhere.  With or without touch, we can get the Light.  ~ Mother Meera (more quotes >>)


Painting by Mother Meera
Meditation – painting by Mother Meera

Mother Meera’s Darshan takes place in total silence. There is no music, no voiced prayers, no ritual movements other than those required for Pranam and Darshan. This fundamental silence is not a mere formality, it is an integral part of Mother Meera’s being, of her path and her work.

Silence in itself is divine; it contains and conveys the power of the essence of God. We may commonly compare silence with ‘space’ so that it seems to be nothing, but in fact it is a divine ‘Something’, the divine field in which every ‘thing’ arises. Mother never gives speeches, and rarely answers public questions. She remains entirely consistent with her work of giving only the essential, the Divine. She introduces us to Silence – the essential non-dual field of all-arising – giving us infinitely more by this introduction than could be achieved by endless explanations. In a world where the excessive proliferation of information invades every personal and public place and where noise seems ever-present, Mother gives us her super-substantial Silence, the ultimate vehicle of teaching and transformation.

God is silent. Everything comes out of silence. In silence more work can be done. The true experience of bliss is without words.  ~ Mother Meera (more quotes >>)

Family Life

Mother Meera with Ashram children in India
Mother Meera with Ashram children in India

According to Mother Meera, selfless, unconditional love is the goal of all relationships – loving without expectation of return or reward is the purest and closest to Divine Love.

Love, she says, must be allowed to flow, whether it manifests as romantic relationships or in family life. A harmonious family, or a peaceful and sincere relationship can be a wonderful place for evolution and inner development.

There is no need to be celibate to live a spiritual life, and in fact, trying to renounce sexuality before one is naturally ready for that step may cause other troubles. In general, Mother warns against confusing sex and spirituality, human love and Divine love. Being artificially chaste or celibate is no guarantee of spiritual achievement, and conversely, imagining that sexual ecstasy leads automatically to spiritual bliss is equally mistaken. ‘Sex is just sex’, Mother says , and it is a fundamental misconception to believe that sexual practice alone will lead to the Divine.


Children possess an innate awareness of God and spontaneously receive the Light. In Germany Mother conducts regular meditation groups, where children can learn to relate to the Divine and meditate in a playful, easy way.

Remember the Divine. Take care of your family and do your job. Try to do everything wholeheartedly and the Divine Grace will shower on you naturally.  ~ Mother Meera (more quotes >>)

Mother Meera School in India

Mother Meera’s School in India has it’s own website.  Please visit here first:

To see when Mother visits India, refer to our Booking site at Eventbrite:

Bookings for India (contains calendar)

To visit Mother Meera’s School in Madanapalle, India, either for the purpose of attending  meditations or volunteering work, certain requirements by the Government of India have to be met:

  • Attendance of Meditation does not include lodging at the Ashram. You will have to find your own lodging (see  Hotels ) unless you are an accepted volunteer.
  • If you want to volunteer, visit, which contains a volunteer form, and email  to Also write for questions you have related to volunteering and planning your visit.
  • After acquiring your Visa, fill out our C-Form. Also, attach a recent passport photo, when sending the form.
  • Bring the following items with you: (this does not apply for Indian nationals)
    • Photocopy of Passport
    • Photocopy of Visa
    • An official document displaying your home address (passport, ID card)

Arrival time: Meditation starts at 7 pm local time, do NOT arrive before 6:30 pm. Be in time, but not early. Also note, that Mother is NOT available for interviews or talk.

Please note, that due to unknown work commitments of Mother, meditations with her  could be canceled short notice. When traveling from afar, best phone before. See the phone number below.

Email Contact:

Mother Meera School
Remembrance of Mr. Reddy, Paramatma Dari,
Madanapalle 517 325, Chittoor District,
Andhra Pradesh, South India

 For the Madanapalle Meditations with Mother you can contact this number (once the meditations started): +91 94-93-628108

Find a list of Hotels >> in Madanapalle .

Accommodation – India

New: Raj Bhavan Lodge
Opposite Sundar Raj Petrol Bunk
Besant Road
Tel: 08571 221969 and 225949
cell: 94401 25045 and 90599 78039

RP Residence
former Ram Prapula, new owner
+91 9440416307
Bangalore Road
very close, prices around 500 IRS

SV Residence
+91 9441264499;
+91 9441864499;
+91 8571 220304;
20 min. walk, near Krishna Lodge, Patel Road

Bhavani Residency
No.: +91 8571 228885

(walking distance to Mother Meera School ca 20 min.)

Chaitanya Lodge
+91 8571 224800
+91 8571 220199
(CTM Road)

Sri Vijaya Lodge
(economic, usually good)
+91 8571 226005
(opposite Chaitanya, CTM Rd.)

Ananda Lodge
+91 8571 226846
+91 8571 226866
(near Main Bus stand, CTM Rd.)

Kiran Lodge
+91 8571 221964
+91 8571 223013
(walking distance, 15 min.)

Krishna Lodge
+91 8571 224722
+91 98492 23535
(walking distance, 25 min.)

Sri Srinivasa Lodge
+91 8571 228022
+91 8571 228023
(near Main Bus stand)

Ganesh Hotels
+91 8571 222102
+91 8571 224982
(near Main Bus stand)

Roja Lodge
+91 8571 220643
(near Main Bus stand)

Hotel Desai
+91 8571 225198
+91 8571 220543
(near Main Bus stand)