November 14, 2020


Darshans with Mother Meera, as we know them, at Schaumburg or on tours, will not start before June 2021. What will happen after June depends on the situation at that time.

Until then Mother conducts Livestream-Meditations every day at 7 pm CET. It is possible to write to Mother via our contact-page.

Quotes by Mother relating to Covid-19:

Corona vaccination:
We are not only facing a problem in one country, it is a global problem. We can wait until a suitable vaccine is available.* We do not need to be afraid now, even if we are doubtful whether the government in our country will give us the choice to decide for ourselves. (*as of May 2020)

What lesson do you think the Covid-19 pandemic is here to teach us?
MM: All people, rich and poor and all nationalities are affected. It is an invitation to all people and all countries, regardless of any individual characteristics or attributes, to work together.

Mother Meera on the current situation:
Don’t be afraid, keep calm and pray!

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Mother Meera has answered questions about the Corona Crisis and many other questions in a series of articles. These articles, all from 2020, contain about 125 answers by Mother that would fit on about 13 A4 pages.

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