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Darshan Schloss Schaumburg

Mother Meera House SchaumburgDarshan takes place at Mother Meera’s Darshan Hall at the foot of Schloss Schaumburg (see map), which is situated in the village of Balduinstein, 10 km south-west of the medieval city of Limburg, overlooking the picturesque Lahn River valley.

Mother Meera gives Darshan every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in Schaumburg, Germany.  The darshan times are:

Beginning times of the Darshan may change. Please check the times at our  Darshan Calendar

How often can I visit Darshan? Check here >

One can only come to one Darshan a day.

To register for Darshan, please click here > >.

You find a hotel list here

See also: Q&A: Darshan and Darshan etiquette

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This is a video tutorial to help with our Online Reservation System Please note, that some of the names and colors of buttons have changed since this video was done, but the basic functionality stays the same. The changed names are given in the subtitles, you can switch them on by clicking the subtitles symbol.  See also our reservation guide or the larger FAQ help page.  Here this larger video .


Darshan Etiquette

Darshan - Painting by Mother Meera
Darshan – Painting by Mother Meera
  • Mother Meera recommends that you will sit before and after your personal Darshan in silence – go deep within, meditate, remember a Divine name (doing Japa). Do not leave the hall immediately, but stay for the whole period of Darshan if possible. The Darshan may take about 1 1/2  to 2 hours.
  • Please do not attend Darshan if you have a serious cold!
  • All children are welcome for Darshan.
  •  You can also register children from Baby age to about 12 years old for the Children’s meditation, (more about Childrens meditation here >>)
  • Unfortunately we can not provide the personal Darshan for wheelchair users on the stage, as we cannot transport wheelchairs on the stage. Yet, wheelchair users can receive the collective Darshan in the hall

Please, also get acquainted with the actual Darshan Procedure > >

Travel Info to Schaumburg

Mother Meera Home
Schloss Schaumburg
65558 Balduinstein

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By airplane:

You can fly to Frankfurt airport (1h drive to Schaumburg), Frankfurt-Hahn (with Ryanair, 1h30 drive to Schaumburg), or Cologne/Bonn (1h30 drive to Schaumburg).

By train:

You can travel by train from Frankfurt Airport to Limburg: Tickets to Limburg/Balduinstein at the Travel center or at Ticket Machine at Terminal 1 below airport section B. 1) S-Bahn: Airport – Frankfurt main station. 2) Frankfurt station – Limburg/Lahn (possible change in Niedernhausen). 3) In Limburg change to local train or taxi and travel to Balduinstein or your destination. Or direct train (ICE, Inter-City Express) from Frankfurt Airport (Fernbahnhof) to Limburg-Süd and then via taxi or local train to Balduinstein or your destination (you need to take the shuttlebus from Limburg-Süd to Limburg/Lahn main station if you want to contimue by local train). This connection is much faster, but more expensive.

By train from other directions: Train Giessen-Limburg-Koblenz. Balduinstein is the 3rd station after Limburg. You may walk from Balduinstein to Schaumburg. But be aware: it is a 25 min. walk uphill and you need a torch and good shoes.

By car:

Driving from Frankfurt: It’s a 1-hour drive from Frankfurt airport to Schaumburg. Follow signs A3 (Autobahn no 3) to Wiesbaden / Köln. Coming from Frankfurt City follow signs for A66 to Wiesbaden, then for A3 to Köln (Cologne) ❶ Leave A3 at exit Limburg-South ☞ Limburg. ❷ After tunnel turn left B54 ☞Bad Schwalbach / Diez. ❸ In Diez turn left (2 big white fuel tanks) B54 ☞ Bad Schwalbach / Katzenelnbogen. ❹ After 1,5 km turn right to Katzenelnbogen / Birlenbach. ❺ After Birlenbach turn right in the curve with a concrete divider to Schaumburg / Balduinstein. The castle appears on the left after about 1 km.

Driving from Cologne (Köln): Leave A3 at exit 41 Diez / Nassau. Take a right turn twice to Eppenrod. Follow signs Hirschberg ☞ Langenscheid ☞ Balduinstein ☞ Schaumburg.

By taxi:

There are no buses or trains to Schaumburg!

Taxis from Limburg to Schaumburg (appx. € 16,-): ABC 06431-222222, Addi 06431-22212, Link 06431-54060, Hofmann 06431-8322, Erdmann 06431-3366, ABC-Cab 06432-801313, Hahn 06432-7777, Hürter 06436-91024.

About Darshan

Mother Meera was born into the world to bring down the supreme Light, to transform life on earth.  She has come to purify our human consciousness so that it becomes ready to evolve – the transformation of humanity to the Divine level where time becomes eternity. This transformative work is without end. It is the work of the Divine Mother who is now embodied by Mother Meera.

Darshan is Mother Meera’s Blessing – Her benediction to humanity.  It is a transmission of Light, Love and Divine Grace, which Mother gives in total silence.  In Darshan, Mother bestows light upon the soul and answers individual prayers.  Literally, in Sanskrit, Darshan means ‘Seeing’ or ‘Vision’ and refers to seeing the Divine, or being in the Presence of the Divine, or a Divine being.  Darshan is given entirely free of any charge or payment of any kind.

At the Darshan event, people come to see Mother Meera. Everyone sits in silence while each row of seats is called up one by one. When one is in front of Mother the head is bowed and Mother places her hands upon it. This is called ‘Pranam’, bowing down.  Then, Mother looks into the eyes of the person and fills them with Light. This is called Darshan, visual eye contact. All this happens in silence, without a word being spoken.

After the individual Darshan is complete, the person returns to their seat and continues to meditate, pray, and go deep inside to absorb the effect of the Darshan.  Although Darshan usually takes place in a group, it remains a deeply individual and personal process. Everybody’s Darshan experience will be different, and Mother gives to everyone what that person individually needs. Even a single Darshan can transform the whole of a lifetime.

Darshan is a universal process that is not limited to space and time.  For many years Mother has given Her physical Darshan exclusively in Germany at Her home at Schloss Schaumburg, Balduinstein, but now, and since 2006, Mother also travels to give Darshan around the world; recently, in Canada, USA, UK, France and India.  She has also travelled to major cities in Germany, and thousands of people receive her Darshan everywhere She goes.

To registrer for Darshan, please click here.

See also Q&A: Darshan

Mother Meera School in India

Mother Meera’s School in India has it’s own website.  Please visit here first:

To see when Mother visits India, refer to our Booking site at Eventbrite:

Bookings for India (contains calendar)

To visit Mother Meera’s School in Madanapalle, India, either for the purpose of attending  meditations or volunteering work, certain requirements by the Government of India have to be met:

  • Attendance of Meditation does not include lodging at the Ashram. You will have to find your own lodging (see  Hotels ) unless you are an accepted volunteer.
  • If you want to volunteer, visit, which contains a volunteer form, and email  to Also write for questions you have related to volunteering and planning your visit.
  • After acquiring your Visa, fill out our C-Form. Also, attach a recent passport photo, when sending the form.
  • Bring the following items with you: (this does not apply for Indian nationals)
    • Photocopy of Passport
    • Photocopy of Visa
    • An official document displaying your home address (passport, ID card)

Arrival time: Meditation starts at 7 pm local time, do NOT arrive before 6:30 pm. Be in time, but not early. Also note, that Mother is NOT available for interviews or talk.

Please note, that due to unknown work commitments of Mother, meditations with her  could be canceled short notice. When traveling from afar, best phone before. See the phone number below.

Email Contact:

Mother Meera School
Remembrance of Mr. Reddy, Paramatma Dari,
Madanapalle 517 325, Chittoor District,
Andhra Pradesh, South India

 For the Madanapalle Meditations with Mother you can contact this number (once the meditations started): +91 94-93-628108

Find a list of Hotels >> in Madanapalle .