About Darshan

Mother Meera was born into the world to bring down the supreme Light, to transform life on earth.  She has come to purify our human consciousness so that it becomes ready to evolve – the transformation of humanity to the Divine level where time becomes eternity. This transformative work is without end. It is the work of the Divine Mother who is now embodied by Mother Meera.


Darshan is Mother Meera’s Blessing – Her benediction to humanity.  It is a transmission of Light, Love and Divine Grace, which Mother gives in total silence.  In Darshan, Mother bestows light upon the soul and answers individual prayers.  Literally, in Sanskrit, Darshan means ‘Seeing’ or ‘Vision’ and refers to seeing the Divine, or being in the Presence of the Divine, or a Divine being.  Darshan is given entirely free of any charge or payment of any kind.

Phases of Darshan

At the Darshan event, people come to see Mother Meera. Everyone sits in silence while each row of seats is called up one by one. When one is in front of Mother the head is bowed and Mother places her hands upon it. This is called ‘Pranam’, bowing down.  Then, Mother looks into the eyes of the person and fills them with Light. This is called Darshan, visual eye contact. All this happens in silence, without a word being spoken.

After the individual Darshan is complete, the person returns to their seat and continues to meditate, pray, and go deep inside to absorb the effect of the Darshan.  Although Darshan usually takes place in a group, it remains a deeply individual and personal process. Everybody’s Darshan experience will be different, and Mother gives to everyone what that person individually needs. Even a single Darshan can transform the whole of a lifetime.

Darshan at a distance

Darshan is a universal process that is not limited to space and time.  For many years Mother has given Her physical Darshan exclusively in Germany at Her home at Schloss Schaumburg, Balduinstein, but now, and since 2006, Mother also travels to give Darshan around the world; recently, in Canada, USA, UK, France and India.  She has also travelled to major cities in Germany, and thousands of people receive her Darshan everywhere She goes.

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