How-to watch live videos

From January 2020 onward there will be a special Livestream transmission at the beginning of each Darshan, whenever Mother is at Schloss Schaumburg. The Livestream will start at 7pm. There won’t be any  Meditation with Mother on Fridays anymore.

If you want to watch a livestream video with Mother Meera, you can go to the Livestream-wesbsite. Here you can watch all recorded and also the actual livestreams.

Alternatively, you can now watch the same Livestream on YouTube here. This maybe easier, e.g. if you have a slow network.

Notifications: If you want to be notified about upcoming live videos, you can click on the “Follow” button and create a lifestream-user for yourself (different from the user in our reservation system). The same is true for YouTube live. Then you will be notified by email, when a new event is announced and you will also get an email, when the live video starts.