Asking for help

Mother Meera

Although Mother Meera has come to bring down a transcendent Light upon the earth as a whole, another part of her work is also to help individuals. She encourages everyone to pray directly to God (Paramatman) whenever one feels a strong connection – but in the same breath she says that if one doesn’t feel that connection one can also pray directly to her, or equally to other Teachers and Saints with whom one fees connected. All prayers go ultimately to God, like rivers to the ocean.

Another direct way of asking for help is simply to write to Mother.* We can always pray from our depths for what we need, but the act of writing to Mother is often helpful for the busy personality. It orders our thoughts about the problem and knowing we are making Mother directly aware of our needs brings a certain peace to our hearts. All the same, devotees often receive help or an inner answer straight away after posting the letter, even before Mother actually receives it.

Due to her increasingly busy schedule, Mother no longer receives phone calls for help as she did before. Instead, one can write to Mother and be assured of her help. We can also simply send a prayer to her, and ask for her help inwardly.

Mother says the important thing is to develop faith in God and build up an attitude of loving devotion. If we can just get into the habit of doing that, Mother assures us that the Divine will accept all our offerings, helping us, and the increasing momentum of our God-directed thoughts will bring about transformation.

If you need me or my help I will help you whatever path you may follow. For me there is no difference ~ Mother Meera (more quotes >>)

* Address for writing to Mother (postal address only):

Mother Meera, Oberdorf 4 A, 65599 Dornburg-Thalheim, Germany.

(Please note that you will not receive a written reply)

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