Mother Meera

Every Day Life

Painting by Mother Meera
Holding the Light – painting by Mother Meera

Mother Meera‘s advise is to maintain a balance between outer world and  inner life and to cultivate harmony, which itself is a divine quality. Mother encourages work and independence as the way to right living, and the fulfillment of our domestic and social duties should be accepted as the best possible environment for our spiritual development.

Abandoning worldly duties to become a recluse or to take up life in an ashram is unnecessary and even counterproductive. An inner attitude of surrender together with the consecration, the ‘making holy’ of our ordinary life, is what is required. Our whole existence in the world can become an expression of the Divine harmony– as an instrument of the Divine, rather than driven by the ego.

Karma Yoga’ consists of doing every task appointed to you, great or small, as perfectly as you can and in a spirit of service to the Divine. (Sanskrit: Karma; lit. ‘action’. Yoga; lit. ‘union’, ‘union with the divine’)

Mother shows  that offering everything to God is a wonderful way to lead  life; it makes us at the same time both empty and open to the Divine power, enabling us to receive the Grace we need. By offering everything, good, bad and indifferent to the divine we loosen and diminish the compulsions and cravings of the ego and so make our work and life as perfect as possible – by not getting so much in the way of the Divine!

If you surrender to Him truly, it will no longer be you who does the work but God who does it through you. ~ Mother Meera (more quotes >>)