Mother Meera

Family Life

Mother Meera with Ashram children in India
Mother Meera with Ashram children in India

According to Mother Meera, selfless, unconditional love is the goal of all relationships – loving without expectation of return or reward is the purest and closest to Divine Love.

Love, she says, must be allowed to flow, whether it manifests as romantic relationships or in family life. A harmonious family, or a peaceful and sincere relationship can be a wonderful place for evolution and inner development.

There is no need to be celibate to live a spiritual life, and in fact, trying to renounce sexuality before one is naturally ready for that step may cause other troubles. In general, Mother warns against confusing sex and spirituality, human love and Divine love. Being artificially chaste or celibate is no guarantee of spiritual achievement, and conversely, imagining that sexual ecstasy leads automatically to spiritual bliss is equally mistaken. ‘Sex is just sex’, Mother says , and it is a fundamental misconception to believe that sexual practice alone will lead to the Divine.


Children possess an innate awareness of God and spontaneously receive the Light. In Germany Mother conducts regular meditation groups, where children can learn to relate to the Divine and meditate in a playful, easy way.

Remember the Divine. Take care of your family and do your job. Try to do everything wholeheartedly and the Divine Grace will shower on you naturally.  ~ Mother Meera (more quotes >>)