Helping Mother’s Work

Question: I want to devote my life to you, Mother Meera!

Mother Meera: It is not necessary to devote or believe in me. If you are sincere to your guru, master, God, Absolute or to the Divine, it is enough and I will strengthen your faith. Finally, if you believe in God, that is enough for me. I suggest that you do your job and your duties wholeheartedly and joyfully and bring peace and happiness in your family and in your surroundings; do Japa, the chanting or repeating of the name of God (or whatever you believe in) and ask for whatever you want.
If you need me or my help I will help you, whatever path you may follow. For me there is no difference. All paths lead to the same goal, that is, to realize the Divine.

Q: That means you never encourage us to leave our jobs, families, or countries?

MM: Yes. That is true. I suggest that people stay where they are. If they need help, I will help them. The help will go without miles counting

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