Mother Meera

Inner Contact

Painting by Mother Meera
Painting by Mother Meera showing the union with the Divine.

Mother Meera’s Darshan, her blessing of Light, is not limited by space and time. People from all over the world have been visiting her in Germany, where she has lived since the 1980s, to receive her touch, to see and be seen by her and thus receive her Light. Mother now regularly travels abroad to give her Darshan in countries where many devotees live, reaching more and more souls that thirst for the Divine Mother’s presence. Nevertheless, neither time nor space are any barrier to communication as long as we feel the inner connection or simply a deep and yearning aspiration.

When asked the best way to cultivate an inner connection with her, she invariably answers that Japa, the repetition of a Divine name, is the simplest and most straightforward method to reveal this closeness. There are a multitude of different spiritual paths offering a wealth of practices and disciplines, but no matter how complex or sophisticated the path all true devotees have praised the heartfelt practice of repeating the name of God, in silence or out loud.

Ultimately the whole universe of Spirit and matter is made up of frequencies, of subtle vibrations, and as Mother clearly explains, by repeating a name we are evoking a particular quality, a unique energy field intrinsic to that name. By constant repetition we become like a clear bell that when struck rings out with the Divine note our heart has cultivated and become attuned to.

The Divine Mother is like a great symphony that includes all possible notes. By practising Japa on any of the Divine names we can come to live in her, taking refuge in the blessings of her inner presence. Mother is completely open and will help anyone on any path. When asked, she counsels repetition of God’s name in the silence of the heart, with devotion, offering everything to the Divine, good, bad or indifferent, with openness, sincerity and surrender.

When a devotee cultivates these qualities they may have extraordinary experiences that reflect their inner state and which transcend the range of ordinary perception. Mother Meera cautions us not to become enamored or dependent on such sensational events but to remain humble in the midst of any experience and just remain focused on her inner presence. Offering any such experience to her, just as we would with any other experience, high or low, ensures our safety and progress.

It is not necessary to come stay with me; I can help anywhere.  With or without touch, we can get the Light.  ~ Mother Meera (more quotes >>)