Mother Meera


Painting by Mother Meera
Meditation – painting by Mother Meera

Mother Meera’s Darshan takes place in total silence. There is no music, no voiced prayers, no ritual movements other than those required for Pranam and Darshan. This fundamental silence is not a mere formality, it is an integral part of Mother Meera’s being, of her path and her work.

Silence in itself is divine; it contains and conveys the power of the essence of God. We may commonly compare silence with ‘space’ so that it seems to be nothing, but in fact it is a divine ‘Something’, the divine field in which every ‘thing’ arises. Mother never gives speeches, and rarely answers public questions. She remains entirely consistent with her work of giving only the essential, the Divine. She introduces us to Silence – the essential non-dual field of all-arising – giving us infinitely more by this introduction than could be achieved by endless explanations. In a world where the excessive proliferation of information invades every personal and public place and where noise seems ever-present, Mother gives us her super-substantial Silence, the ultimate vehicle of teaching and transformation.

God is silent. Everything comes out of silence. In silence more work can be done. The true experience of bliss is without words.  ~ Mother Meera (more quotes >>)