Answers from Mother Meera 2020 - 1

Pandemic & Mother Earth, climate change, harmony with earth, conspiracy theories, fear, souls dying, traveling

Q: Some people believe that this virus situation is Mother Earth’s way of getting us to change the way we live. Is that true?

MM: No, always some change will be there. Maybe some people will change their lives by stepping back a bit.

Q: Some people say that because of climate change we won’t be able to live on the Earth anymore.

MM: Where else would we go? (laughter) Even if we go to the moon or to heaven, after a few days or weeks or months, we have to fall back to Earth! Even if we fall into the sea, we are still falling onto the Earth.
The weather is changing – that we can’t do much about. Some people say: we have so many cars, we make so much pollution, and factories create pollution. Engineers can work on that.

Q: When the virus is gone, what actions can we take to live in harmony with the Earth?

MM: The Earth is ok. Things are coming on time: first the blossoms are coming—here in Germany the plum trees and cherry trees have blossoms now—then the leaves will come, and then the fruit will come. Birds are flying. We’ll just go back to our regular lives, with maybe some small changes. Change will always come; with divine grace or without divine grace there will always be change. Always we will learn something.

Q: Some people believe that the coronavirus was created by a government to take over the world. Is that true?

MM: I don’t agree at all. This is not one country, this is not one caste – everyone is getting the virus. This is not about having power over the people. If only one country were getting the virus, we could say one government is doing it, but this is all countries. It is everybody:  very rich people, very poor people, everybody is getting the virus. This has nothing to do with a government. One good thing: all governments and all countries are coming together. For me, this is a good example. That means if someone wants to do something, then we can all come together.

Q: Did humans create this virus or is it completely natural?

MM: My feeling is that nobody created it. I’m not a scientist, but I don’t think so.

Q: What would you say to children and the elderly who are afraid of the virus?

MM: Afraid? Why should we be afraid? Whatever is coming, is coming. What will happen will happen, whether we’re afraid or not. It is better to divert your mind and do other things. If there are hard things, face them, and go through them.

Q: Are you taking care of all the souls that have died from the virus?

MM: Not just from the virus – also due to normal cold and fever, and cancer.

Q: Are you taking care of all souls who die?

MM:  Yes.

Q: Is that a lot of work for you?

MM: No no, never never never.

​Q: How long will the virus stay?

MM:  At least for the rest of the year people should be careful because the virus can be active on and off.

Q: Can I travel now?

MM: It is better not to travel now – only if it’s necessary. When they have medicine for the virus, we can travel again.

Q: Many people are angry at President Trump about the way he is handling the virus situation.

MM: Why? Because he didn’t take it seriously that it would come to America? It could be a misunderstanding. He might have been a little slow taking care of it, but what has happened has happened. We must take more care now. We can’t influence the government a lot. Sometimes the government doesn’t make a decision [for example, about stay-at-home orders, social distancing, etc.], so people can make their own decision. Each family can make their own decision: on their own street, neighbors can manage it; people can follow some rules and regulations on their own.

Q: Are you healthy and fine?

MM: Yes, I’m very fine.

And a message from Adilakshmi (paraphrasing):
Tell everyone this: even though it is a hard time, Mother’s grace and love are still with us. We are held in Mother’s very gentle and very strong arms.

Don’t be afraid, keep calm and pray!

Original document by Mother Meera Foundation USA - April 23, 2020

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