How often can I visit Darshan?

In order to give many people a chance to see Mother, we have instituted some rules, of how many - single - Darshans  a person can book. There are two fundamental parameters in our reservation system:

  1. How often you can come within one month, and

  2. How many Darshans can be booked in advance

Attention: These rules may change, depending how on far we are booked up in advance.

The new ‘Meditations with Mother ’ are excluded from the monthly limits!

These rules are in general true for visitors at Mother’s home at Schloss Schaumburg. They will also include cities Mother regularly visits, yet each city and Darshan tour will have its own rules, which are announced in our invites.

These are the rules for Schaumburg at present:

Category Limits
Single Darshan bookings per month * No limits at this moment
Single Darshan or Meditation bookings in advance No limits at this moment
First time-comers: Darshans per visit * No limits at this moment
Persons coming from a far distance No limits at this moment
Non-Europeans: No limits at this moment
Christmas 2023: No limits at this moment
* You can still add Meditations with Mother to this

Please note: You are not allowed to use multiple user accounts in order to make bookings.

Arrival at Darshan:

Please come about half an hour before Darshan starts, but NOT EARLIER than 1 hour before!

Reservations are necessary. To make a reservation go here > To see directions to Schaumburg, see here > , a hotel list you find here > ,  all about the Darshan procedure, you can find here >