Booking Guide

A quick guide to booking

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In general: You can only book ONE darshan per day. Reservations have to be done, see our video, how you can make reservations for yourself and friends.

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Darshan Reservation

  1. Sign Up

    Firstly click on Login and then sign up (create a new account).*

  2. Confirm email

    Find the confirmation email, and click on the activation link (check Spam)*

  3. Login

    Login with your email and your password.

  4. Filter date

    For Upcoming Events set filters like range (date) or locations..

  5. Select sessions

    Select session(s), they will be marked: not yet confirmed.

  6. Basket - Step 1: Add attendees

    Then click on ‘book marked events’ or the basket symbol and add attendees, if needed.

  7. Basket - Step 2: Confirm

    Then click next and confirm your sessions. You can later find them under My Bookings. 

  8. You’re done!

    (* Only for the first time)

Find more detailed instructions here

Please do not attend Darshan if you have a serious cold!

View our information about Children and wheelchair users.  Download the PDF to get familiar with the  Darshan-Procedure.

Special notice for Darshan first-time visitors at Schloss Schaumburg

If you have problems, you can also contact us through our contact form .

Help and Email

Do you have problems with the reservation or signing-up? Go through the answers of our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) . If you are unfamiliar with computers, please contact us at:

  • For the USA:

  • For the UK:

  • For Canada: