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Darshan is the bestowal of light love and grace by Mother Meera. Mother gives Darshan in complete silence, free of charge. more

Meditation with Mother
During this meditation, everybody will remain seated, and receive the blessing on his place. Many people have felt the powerful silence during these sessions. more

Online Meditations
There is presently a Mother Meera Meditation - wherever you are - streamed every day at 7 pm (German time). more

Latest News

Latest news and a series of Q & A from 2020


Darshan with Mother Meera

Meditations with Mother Meera

In-person Meditations with Mother

Livestream Meditations

Online Meditations

Meditation & Japa

Rememberance of the Divine Name

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Schloss Schaumburg

Mother’s Home


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Children's Meditation

A playful approach to Mother

Mother Meera in India

Mother Meera’s school in Madanapalle, India

The Darshan Procedure

A guide

Meditation Groups


Meditation Groups - International

A list of Mother Meera groups in different countries


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Mother Meera Foundation

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Mother Meera School

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