Mr. Reddy - The Divine Messenger

The man who brought Mother Meera to the world

Mr. ReddyBalgur Venkat Reddy - generally called Mr. Reddy was a spiritual seeker and a mentor to Mother Meera . He was her uncle, but only met her first time in 1972, when she was about 11.

He was born in a small village in South India on December 7, 1925. When he was young, he read a book about Sarada Devi , the wife of Sri Ramakrishna. At this time he developed a deep longing for the Divine Mother. Mr. Reddy met many saints and spiritual persons throughout his life. He began to seek out spiritual teachers. In the 1952, he met Avadhuta Chinnamma who became his spiritual teacher. From 1956 until 1973 he was a member of the Shri Aurobindo Ashram and a follower of Mirra Alfassa , called Sweet Mother.

In 1972 Mr. Reddy met Mother Meera, who was then a young girl living in his home village Chandepalle. He recognized in Mother, who was then called Kamala Reddy, the young girl he had seen in his visions from a young age. Mr. Reddy was impressed by Mother’s presence and knowledge. He soon became her mentor and supported her on her spiritual journey. For example he provided schooling for her, and brought her to the Shri Aurobindo Ashram in 1974, which connected Mother Meera to the spiritual work of Shri Aurobindo and Sweet Mother. Here Mother also met her close disciple and later secretary, Adilakshmi and many other spiritual seekers, and she started to give Darshan to them.

After recognizing the Divine Mother in Her, Mr. Reddy became completely surrendered to her and dedicated the rest of his life to her. In 1979 they traveled for the first time to Canada, and in 1982 Mother Meera, Mr. Reddy and Adilakshmi settled in Germany.

Mr. Reddy continued to share his spiritual knowledge and insights with others until his passing in 1985. His legacy lives on through the spiritual presence of Mother Meera and the many seekers all over the world who received her Darshan.

Mr. Reddy:

“There is nothing else I want from this life or any other than to be with Her and do Her work and be of what use to Her I can.”

Mother Meera & Adilakshmi:

“This Holy Soul is always helpful to everyone. Your sincere prayers will be answered and miracles will happen.”   more quotes →