Answers from Mother Meera 2020 - 2

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Q: Some people are dying very quickly from the virus. Is that difficult for their soul?

MM: No no, it is not difficult. In one way, for the person who dies, it is good; in another way, it is shocking to the family, like an accident. However, the people who die have full support from God. It is good to go that quickly, good for their soul; they are not struggling.

Q: So their soul is at peace?

MM: Yes, the soul is in a peaceful state.

Q: Many people are dying alone from the virus. Are you with them before they die?

MM: God is there, I am there, many are there – no one is alone. Doctors and nurses are there. Only the family members are not there.

Q: What can we say to people who are losing their loved ones to the virus, for example, if a person’s spouse is dying and now they are alone.

MM: That is a very difficult situation. They can’t go to see them, can’t console them, can’t hold hands with them, and can’t comfort them. It is not an easy thing for people. It is a very difficult situation, a very painful situation. In these circumstances, we should learn to have patience, and to have confidence. They can pray for the person dying, pray for themselves, and pray for the whole world – pray for all three.

Q: What can we say to people who can’t find a job right now, including students who are graduating, and others?

MM: People should understand this situation – there’s not much we can do. If people have land or a garden, they can grow some food.

This is not happening just in your country – it is in many countries. We can’t say it is affecting just one country, because it is happening in almost all countries.

For the people who don’t have a job, with whatever they have, they should cooperate with others. They can pray to God and it should go well.

Q: In America, some places are starting to open up a bit. What do you recommend to people there?

MM: The government can say that they have to start opening up businesses, but people should still be careful. If you need to go to work, then you have to go out, but go out only if it is necessary.

Individually, we cannot go out; we cannot see our parents, our relatives. It is a problem to visit them. People should not go out all at once; maybe the government will create some policies so that one group can go out at a time, and another group can go out at another time. I have heard that there are some groups that are prepared to help others.

Q: Should people stay at home if possible?

MM: Yes, they should stay at home. Only if it is necessary should they go out. Keep distance from other people, and do not hug each other or shake hands. Some people want to be at home, and for those it is easy. Some want to go out all the time – for those people it is not easy to stay at home.

Q: During this time, how can we help the current situation?

MM: We should pray – more than that, we cannot do.

Q: Are you helping everyone right now, even if they don’t know you?

MM: Yes, yes. It doesn’t matter whether they know me or not – my help is going to everybody, to help them to have a peaceful life.

Q: Last time you said we shouldn’t be afraid, what will happen will happen.

MM: Yes, it is natural for fear to come, but we have to control our fear. Sometimes if fear comes we can console ourselves – there is no use in having fear. Generally, we should control our minds with a strong will – we can say to ourselves “I do not want fear.” It is better not to focus on the fear; it is good to divert the mind with other activities.

Q: Can prayer change what will happen?

MM: Yes yes, prayer can change many things. With our strong belief and strong faith we can change many things.

Q: If there is one practice you could recommend for people right now, what would it be, e.g. Japa or meditation?

MM: I do not recommend a single practice. I do not say do this mantra or that mantra. In the moment, according to how we feel, we can call on God, or Mother, or the Divine; we can say “God help me.” In that moment you must feel what you want to ask, and the words will come automatically, without your thinking. If you really need help, the words will come automatically.

Livestream Meditations

Q: During the livestreamed meditations, are you working on a different level?

MM: During meditation I am there in people’s lives. I am there to console them, and to give support for whatever they need.

Q: Can you see our individual problems? And are you sending light to us individually?

MM: I am sending light to everybody, individually, or in a group; the light is for everybody.

Q: People wish they could receive your darshan right now.

MM: Livestreamed meditation is the same as darshan.

Q: Mother, many people are asking about the tears that come from your eyes during the livestream meditation.

MM: (laughing) I’m not crying. Why should I cry in front of the camera? I am not sad, I’m not upset. Water is coming from my eye, I don’t know why.

Q: Mother, are you with us 24 hours a day?

MM: I can’t say I’m with individuals all day. When you call on me, then I am there. When you need me, then I’m there.

Q: Is that true whether people know you or don’t know you, whether they are a devotee or not?

MM: For me there is no difference. Whether they believe in me or not, it doesn’t matter.

Q: So even if someone says “I don’t believe in Mother Meera” you’re with them?

MM: Yes, it doesn’t matter, I don’t mind. As long as they don’t cause any problem.

Orignal document by Mother Meera Foundation USA. - May 4, 2020

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