Darshan with Mother Meera

Darshan is the silent bestowal of love light and grace by Mother Meera

The word darshan is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘drish’ for ‘seeing’. In the case of Mother Meera , Darshan is her gift and her work with men. The specialty of Mother is, that she transmits this blessing, this light and love in complete silence. In Darshan, Mother bestows light upon the soul and answers individual prayers. Darshan is given free of any charge.

Phases of Darshan

Painting by Mother MeeraAt the Darshan event, people come to see Mother Meera personally. While everyone sits in silence, each row of seats is called up one by one. In this way, everyone comes up in front of Mother, to receive the personal darshan

  • Pranam: The first phase of darshan is called pranam. Here one sits or kneels in front of Mother, and lowers one’s the head. Then Mother places her hands upon it. Here she works on nadis, lines in the subtle body, which contain knots, and she unknots these.

  • Darshan: Then, Mother looks into the eyes of each person and fills them with light, and helps the soul of the person. Mother says, that she gives different lights to different persons, corresponding to their personality. This happens without a word being spoken.

After the individual Darshan is complete, the person returns to their seat and continues to meditate, pray, and go deep inside to absorb the effect of the Darshan.  Although Darshan usually takes place in a group, it remains a deeply individual and personal process. Everybody’s Darshan experience will be different, and Mother gives to everyone what that person individually needs. Even a single Darshan can transform the whole of a lifetime.

I am looking at everything within you to see where I can help, where I can give healing and power. At the same time, I am giving Light to every part of your being, I am opening every part of yourself to Light. - Mother Meera   more quotes →

More information about the Darshan procedure

Where do Darshans take place?

Mother MeeraFor many years Mother has given Her physical Darshan exclusively in Germany at Her home at Schloss Schaumburg , Balduinstein, but now, and since 2006, Mother also travels to give Darshan around the world ; recently, in Canada, USA, UK, France and India.  She has also travelled to major cities in Germany, and thousands of people receive her Darshan everywhere She goes.

Darshan at a distance

Darshan is a universal process that is not limited to space and time.  Mother says, that Darshan is independent of her physical presence. Therefore it can be received in different ways, through a photo, through dreams, in meditation or through a prayer, or a simple thought, an inner aspiration.

Livestream Darshan / Meditationen

To help persons not living in Germany, or who can see her only rarely, Mother conducts since a few years Darshan / Meditations via livestream. According to Mother the process of these Darshans is the same  as the personal Darshans at her place. Also, there are no special conditions for these Darshans.

You can look at Mother, or keep your eyes closed. Thereby it is best to go deep into meditation . First Mother will look into the camera for several minutes, then she closes her eyes. At the end she will again open her eyes to look for some time into the camera. For livestream Darshans / Mediations no reservation is necessary. In addition, they can be viewed over the website with a time-delay, since people live in different time zones.