Answers from Mother Meera 2020 - 4

unemployment, attitude at darshan / meditation, Mother crying, old age, insomnia, sarees, angels, eating meat

May 20, 2020

Losing job, being in an uncertain situation

Mother: In this situation many people are losing their job, not only a few. We should look into the situation, what is there, adapt and find a way to survive. Pray for help and a better situation.

What is the best attitude we can have when we are sitting with you in meditation / Darshan?

Mother: You can sit silently, pray, meditate, do japa, with open or closed eyes. You can do whatever you feel, there are no rules.

Mother, why are you crying during meditation?

Mother: I do not cry. During my whole live I have only cried four times, when a person very close to me died, like Mr. Reddy. Sometimes water comes through my eyes, it is more a reaction of the body, like when one looks into a bright light. There is no emotion, no suffering.

As we reach the end stage of our life, we face many issues like old bodies failing, pain from diseases, fear of the unknown, would you please speak to us about coping with this.

Mother: When we grow old, we often lose confidence in ourselves and in the Divine, and then all these problems begin. Confidence in ourselves and in the Divine helps us survive and be happy no matter what disappointments come to our life.

What can we do when we are so anxious that we can’t sleep?

Mother: Sit on the bed, do japa, meditate, read a book.

Can praying the rosary be a kind of Japa to connect with Mother’s help?

Mother: Yes.

Which Livestream meditation to watch? Yesterday’s or today’s?

Mother: Any day is good, you can choose as you feel.

Do the beautiful saris you wear symbolically represent a divine aspect through the colors?

Mother: The colors of my saris have no meaning.

My children are not interested in sadhana and spiritual ways.

Mother: This is okay if they do their duties and try to help others and themselves - that is enough.

Do angels exist?

Mother: Yes, if you ask them for help they will come and help.

I love my spiritual events, but a lot of people laugh at me because of it, which is very painful.

Mother: It is common for family members and other people to laugh at it. Better ignore it and find your peace within yourself.

I struggle to be full vegetarian. My body feels better when I eat some meat occasionally but my mind doesn’t.

Mother: Our generation is used to eating meat. You can’t stop it in a moment, the body has adapted and needs meat. One can try to reduce it slowly.

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