Answers from Mother Meera 2020 – 7

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August 17, 2020

Many of you are very grateful for the daily meditations and the possibility to write an email to Mother. Here are some comments Mother received from the website:

Reactions to previous answers from Mother.

  • I am so grateful for your great support in these difficult times. Thank you for being with us in this turbulent time on earth.

  • Thank you so much for the continual help and protection and for the infinite blessings you bring to our family and work.

  • Thank you for putting your answers on your website, I found an answer there that is also important for me.

Answers from Mother.

What lesson do you think the Covid-19 pandemic is here to teach us?

MM: All people, rich and poor and all nationalities are affected. It is an invitation to all people and all countries, regardless of any individual characteristics or attributes, to work together.

Are the questions to Mother actually read out loud to her? I’m sure Mother can’t deal with so many diverse personal problems from all over the world.

MM: I want to help you. I am taking care of all your emails.

Is the world coming to an end?

MM: The sun sets every day, but it always comes back up the next morning. In the same way, the world will always continue and won’t come to an end.

I am so afraid all the time and can’t sleep anymore.

MM: Sometimes we can take short naps during the day, for instance when we watch television. This is often enough.

I don’t know how to forgive.

MM: Simply forget what has been done to you and don’t replay it over and over in your mind.

My brother is totally devastated and suicidal.

MM: It’s not a good idea to end your life because of a problem or another person. As long as we’re alive, many losses can be repaired and often a new start is possible. But death is final — we can’t achieve anything after death. It’s better to value your life, adjust to the situation, solve the problem and use your life for a better purpose. Serve people. Do service for the Divine.

Is my child a special person?

MM: Every mother thinks this. It’s better to just raise your child normally and not to worry too much about whether they are special.

Is it my mission in life or my karma to take care of my partner?

MM: If you live together and he is not able to work or support himself it’s good to help him and take care of him.

Are there other incarnations of the Divine Mother on earth at this time?

MM: Yes, there are always many avatars, divine beings, sadhus, gurus and spiritual masters on earth to help people on their way to the Divine.

Shall I sell my shares now?

MM: I am not an investment banker. I don’t give any advice about investment matters.

How can I recognize the best way for me?

MM: It’s enough to be happy in your life. You don’t need to think about whether this is the right way or if another would be better.

During the day I ask you to help others. Does this request reach you or do I need to send you the names of the people?

MM: I don’t need names or birthdays. The Divine help is always present.

We are asking for the Divine Father’s and Mother’s help to pay off this big debt we owe to God.

MM: There is nothing to pay or pay back. Just live your life with sincerity and devotion.

Is it better to be alone and ONLY seek Spirit or is it better to have a mate?

MM: Either way is fine.

During meditation I am often sweaty and my body becomes hot.

MM: This is not a problem. Some people sweat, some are cold and shiver and some fall asleep.

Where is our soul, inside our body, outside our body or maybe around our body?

MM: The soul is inside our body, like our blood, in the entire body.

Birds, slugs and moles damage the fruits and vegetables in my garden.

MM: We live on Earth, and these creatures live in the garden.

What is the best way to pray to God?

MM: Whenever we need help we can ask the Divine for help. It is even better to remember God always, in every moment of your life.

How can I be happy in difficult times?

MM: Whatever your problem is, learn to relax, accept the matter with a peaceful attitude and offer it to the Divine. The Divine blessing and help are always there.

When you come to meditation your face is glowing but when you open your eyes at the end it is different.

MM: Each person perceives this in their own way. This is an individual experience.

Why do poor people have so much sorrow and suffering?

MM: Everybody has sorrow and suffering. Rich people also have problems and suffer in their own way.

Some people say that God is only one and some people say there are many Gods.

MM: God is one, like the ocean. Many souls, gurus and avatars are coming down through the grace of God.

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