Answers from Mother Meera 2020 - 5

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June 8, 2020

When does fear finally go away?

Mother: Fear will always be there as long as we are in the body. We can reduce our fear by offering it to the Divine and strengthening our confidence and love.

Electronic devices for teenagers.

Mother: Electronic devices are part of our generation, we can’t avoid that. We can try to reduce the amount of time we spend playing or working with them.

My partner had a love affair with my best friend.

Mother: Sometimes this can happen. If you want to forgive and forget then you can come together again. That is okay.

Did I see the rainbow light?

Mother: When we are sitting quietly we might see different colors, different lights or have beautiful visions. But this is just one possible experience. We shouldn’t think that this is the final truth.

Meditation: What can I do to connect effectively and efficiently with you, with the Divine?

Mother: Simply close your eyes and sit quietly.

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I follow your Meditation, I don’t want to miss when you open your eyes again.

Mother: Just sit with closed eyes and go deep into meditation . It’s not important if you miss my last look at the end of the meditation, it’s more important that you go deep inside yourself.

How can I attract a spiritual husband to share my life with?

Mother: Don’t try to find a soulmate. A relationship is just a relationship. The best thing is when people can be happy together.

How can I overcome my addiction to drugs and self destructive behavior?

Mother: You can slowly reduce the quantity of drugs, alcohol, smoking, etc. and begin to act positively.

I’m worried about getting sick.

Mother: It’s better not to worry, it only invites illness. Turn towards the Divine instead.

I am very afraid of making mistakes.**

Mother: Mistakes will happen, it’s nothing to worry about. You can correct your mistakes and try not to make the same mistakes again.

My beloved daughter was abruptly taken from my life.

Mother: Pray for her. She is okay. She is in good hands and goes directly to God.

I am continuously stressed and finding myself paralyzed with many decisions. I don’t know what to do.

Mother: Sleep for one night and then make the decision. Don’t panic. Don’t waste time asking yourself constantly: Shall I do this or that? Decide, be finished and then go for it.

My deepest wish is to be in contact with God but also to live in my family.

Mother: Why should God demand that we live alone? God says, live in the surroundings where you are, there is no need to abandon anything. Live in your family and include God in your life.

My spiritual teacher says my wife is demonic and I should divorce from her.

Mother: We should use common sense and continue to live happily as long as there is harmony.

I am disappointed in myself.**

Mother: Holding on to frustration and disappointment with yourself and others will only lead to more problems. It’s better to try to let go of frustration and disappointment. 

What can I do to get pregnant?

Mother: If it is not possible to conceive naturally, you can seek medical help.

Why am I so afraid to have a child?

Mother: There is no need to be afraid. If you wish, you can have a child. The Divine will help you.

I want breastfeeding to be easy and simple and for my baby to be satisfied and happy.

Mother: If there is not enough breast milk, you don’t need to worry. It’s is also okay to give additional bottled milk.

I’m having trouble with a colleague. Please harmonise the whole thing without us having to talk about it again.

Mother: Just get together and talk about it in a friendly manner. Try to be in harmony and not to think about it too much.

Do you take care of animals’ souls when they pass away?

Mother: Yes.

Why am I humiliated by my father?

Mother: Sometimes parents don’t trust their children. It’s best if you can gain confidence in yourself and then just accept his behavior.

My daughter-in-law does not want any contact with me and I am not allowed to see my grandchildren.

Mother: This is a universal issue with mothers-in-law, fathers-in-law, daughters-in-law, sons-in-law and grandchildren. It often occurs after a separation. There are no strict rules for this. We should be cooperative and approach each other with understanding and compassion and pray to the Divine for help.

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