Answers from Mother Meera 2020 – 6

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August 16, 2020

Mother, as you may have heard, there have been large protests in the streets across the US and around the world.

MM: Yes, I saw a little bit.

People are protesting racism and excessive use of force by police towards African Americans. People are marching in the streets, and it feels good to me personally that people are standing up and saying “Enough is enough! " Is this a good sign?

MM: They are expressing what they are feeling, and that is good to do.

The protesters are very diverse, old, young, and from a variety of backgrounds and countries.

That is ok, people are expressing what they are feeling, but now it is for the governments to decide how to solve the situation.

It feels hopeful that we’re coming together and really looking at the hard reality of racism, not pretending it doesn’t exist. Are we in a time where major changes in these attitudes are possible?

MM: Yes, people are starting to change.

We pray, we do japa, is there also any value to participating in these protests if our hearts are aligned with the cause?

MM: That depends on each one’s personal desire. It is most useful to pray to God for everything to improve and to become harmonious. Pray for both sides – the police also need protection and help. It is not an easy job to do police duty. We can pray for both sides, pray for harmony.

What should our attitude be to the politics of our country in general?

MM: People can pray and bring harmony to the political situation. People are expressing their opinions - it can help to change the country.

There is racism in many countries.

MM: Yes, there is racism in many countries. In India there is the caste system and conflict between Muslims and Hindus. Even the part of India I am from is now broken into two states. It is best to grow up accepting all people and all religions.

What can we do to heal the racism in any country?

MM: Racism is old. The problem will not be solved easily, and it will take time. It won’t go away quickly. People should learn to accept each other. Pray and do japa.

How can we make life more fair and safe for all people in our country?

MM: That is difficult. In one sense there is no doubt that we are safe, though in this kind of situation we can’t do much.

In which way are we safe? Is it because of the Divine protecting us?

MM: Yes, the Divine, and also neighbors and people around us. Only on some occasions will something dangerous happen – most of the time we are safe.

Some people in their communities are not safe.

MM: They are safe most of the time. In all communities there is the possibility of danger – we have seen shootings in white schools, in white communities as well.

Some people believe that America is collapsing with all the protests and unrest. Is it true – is America falling apart?

MM: I think now in this situation, people all over the world are feeling this way, in every country. Everybody is feeling this way. Many people are also losing their jobs, but the situation will improve.

Some places in America are getting rid of their police, or are reducing the number of police. What is your opinion about that?

MM: If everyone would be harmonious with everyone else and would care for one another, we would not need police.

How can we help police officers to be more compassionate towards everyone?

MM: That compassion is dependent on the nature of the situation. If the police think that the situation is harmonious and peaceful, then they will also be relaxed and peaceful. It depends on how dangerous they think the situation is.

What can we tell people who are very angry about the way black people are treated in America?

MM: Yes of course, it is natural to be angry in this kind of situation. They must have patience and try to create harmony and see how they can change the government rules. The government will take action on this situation.

Is anger helpful in a situation like this?

MM: The anger comes automatically, it is natural, and it is good for it to come out.

George Floyd’s little daughter believes that her father’s death has changed the world. Can you help to make that true?

MM: Yes. His death was an important example for others to see. This should not happen again.

Mother, when someone dies through violence, any kind of violence, are you with them before and after death?

MM: As I’ve said before, when people die suddenly or unexpectedly, like in a car accident, or through violence, they go directly into God’s hands. They have full protection from God.

Even though the death is violent you are still there?

MM: Yes.

But you cannot prevent the violence or death?

MM: Sometimes it will happen that the death can be prevented. Sometimes they will escape, but not all the time. Divine grace is there in either case. Even if they die, we could say it is their destiny.

So we don’t have to worry about the circumstances of our death?

MM: That person won’t worry, but the people around them will worry. Even if we believe all are in God’s hands we still worry. That is natural.

Does your help go automatically to the person, without you knowing?

MM: Yes, yes, it comes automatically. Whether they’re praying or not, Divine help always comes.

Then why pray?

MM: Praying is for our own happiness. When we pray, we feel free. And when we say “God help me”, then we feel relaxed.

Do you help the soul to be at peace?

MM: Yes, the soul is always at peace. 99% of people are peaceful and happy at the time of death.

Mother, will you help heal our country?

MM: Yes, whether you ask or not the help is already there. My help is always there wherever it is needed for all countries.

Orignal document by Mother Meera Foundation USA.

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