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Mother Meera

Mother-on-Tour, 2024

Mother starts traveling again

Answers from Mother Meera 2024

Difference between in-person and online meditation, difference between in-person meditation and Darshan, Livestream from India and Germany, Mother starts traveling, Mother’s work in India

Latest News from India

Serving as volunteers in India

Meditations at Schaumburg start 1.1.2023

Restarting Meditations with Mother at Schloss Schaumburg, January 1, 2023

Darshans, traveling, Mother's message

Message from June 2021: No traveling, Covid vaccinations

Mother Meera about Darshans & Covid

Message April 5, 2021: Giving Darshans and traveling, Livestream, Covid-19

Answers from Mother Meera 2020 - 1

Pandemic & Mother Earth, climate change, harmony with earth, conspiracy theories, fear, souls dying, traveling

Answers from Mother Meera 2020 - 2

Covid-19, dying alone, work, social distancing, prayer, fear, livestream, darshan, mantra, Mother’s tears, help.

Answers from Mother Meera 2020 - 3

Asking Mother for help, health, corona vaccinations, relationships, parents, job, changing apartment, gurus/ashram

Answers from Mother Meera 2020 - 4

unemployment, attitude at darshan / meditation, Mother crying, old age, insomnia, sarees, angels, eating meat

Answers from Mother Meera 2020 - 5

Fear, electronic gadgets, infidelity, experiences, meditation, relationships, death, family life

Answers from Mother Meera 2020 – 6

Black lives matter (BLM), protests, racism, spirituality / politics, protection, japa, police, anger, violence, prayer, soul

Answers from Mother Meera 2020 – 7

Pandemic, emails, fear, end of world, forgiveness, relationship, meditation, livestream, prayer, God / gods