The Darshan Procedure

A guide

Download a pictorial description of the actual Darshan Procedure as PDF (requires Acrobat Reader, or similar programme)

Darshan Etiquette

  • Mother Meera recommends that you will sit before and after your personal Darshan in silence - go deep within, meditate, remember a Divine name (doing Japa ). Do not leave the hall immediately, but stay for the whole period of Darshan if possible. The Darshan may take about 1 1/2  to 2 hours.
  • Please do not attend Darshan if you have a serious cold!
  • All children are welcome for Darshan.
  •  You can also register children from Baby age to about 12 years old for the Children’s meditation, (more about Childrens meditation here )
  • Unfortunately we can not provide the personal Darshan for wheelchair users on the stage, as we cannot transport wheelchairs on the stage. Yet, wheelchair users can receive the collective Darshan in the hall.

Coming and Going

  • When you come in, put your shoes under your chair together with your bags and jacket.
  • ­ It is recommended to stay until the end of the Darshan. Mother sits at the end for several minutes with us in deep silence. This is a wonderful experience.
  • ­ If you need to leave earlier, please let us know when you come in. When leaving, please do it as silently as possible.

Darshan Procedure

  • People will be called to Darshan row by row, starting from the front row.
  • ­There is a queue in the middle aisle and a shorter queue on the stage.
  • Keep your eyes open when being in the queue.
    • As soon as there is a free place at the stage, move from the middle aisle to the stage queue.
    • When queuing, be aware and always keep moving forward as much as space allows.

Your Personal Darshan

  • As soon as the place in front of Mother is free, move there and lower your head, so that Mother can reach your head with ease.
  • When Mother lets go of your head, lift up your head and look into her eyes. When Mother lowers her head, then your personal Darshan is finished.
  • Stand up immediately, ­ you can use the wooden box for support ­ and take the shortest route back to your seat.
  • If it is physically difficult for you to sit or kneel in the middle aisle, you can walk directly to the stage queue and if necessary, keep standing while queuing there.
  • If you cannot kneel in front of Mother, you can receive Darshan sitting on a chair. If you want this, please talk to a volunteer when you come into the hall.

The Darshan takes place in total silence. We can all help to make this to a pleasant experience for everybody by following these guidelines:

  • mobile phones are switched off.
  • ­no talking or whispering in the hall.
  • no photos or video recordings.
  • no standing in the Darshan hall.
  • every person can only go once to Darshan.
  • FInally, please don’t cross your legs if you are sitting in the front rows.